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Book Reports

Aug 20

The Book is Back!

The Book is back! Sorry for the long delay in updating the Book Report...Flew home for a few days and we are thankful the Hurricane missed us...sad it had to hit somewhere though.

So...we drove East from Montana into North Dakota, where not much seems to be going on. It is comforting to know that we here in the USA will not be running out of corn or soybeans for a good while. Mile after mile of stuff being grown out there in the mid-west! Deluth was cool, a deep water ocean port thousands of miles from the Atlantic. Bet the Winters there are brutal! Festival in Michigans' U.P. was cool...record cold nights in the high 40's...we loved it. Good music and lots of fun with good sleeping and windows open. I love this country...Nice drive South along Wisconsins massive lakefront took us down to Iowa City and a real nice gig at Sirens. Great gig in Chicago at Fitzgeralds...remember I will be back in Chicago at Schubas, Friday Sept.3rd...hope we draw a nice crowd, it's a cool club with good food. Spread the word...

Cincinatti Blues Fest was rainy, but good. Got to hang out a bit with Ernie Hawkins, Cephus & Wiggens, and my old pals Liz Pennock & Dr. Blues. My sister-in-law Maureen met us there and Nancy and I were delighted. Did my first gig in 15 years at The Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, it was good and I couldn't remember why I stopped playing there but I told the boss man Mick, that I forgave him! It will be a regular stop on future mid west tours!

Me and the Girls spent a few days at the Rising Sun Casino Resort in Indianna, on the Ohio river to re-group and relax. Had a good night at the black jack tables and we got comped a room. The girls 'killed' on the penny slots and we had lots of laughs. Book likes to win!

No stop in Cinci is complete without a visit to BATSAKES Hat Shop(the best in the country). Got a new Borcellino Cap and a very cool 2 tone straw Pork Pie that Old Rock Bottom would have loved...back North to Ann Arbor and Valparaiso for a few cool gigs and then off to The Fur Peace Ranch.

It was "couples" weekend at The Ranch and a big time was had by all. Hot Tuna did a sold out concert on the Saturday and I was the Special surprise guest...not really a surprise to anyone. Sally Van Meter played dobro with Jorma and Jack and the magic was there...The wives and signifigant others had massages, arts & crafts, Yoga and walks in the woods while we gave guitar lessons and such...a really cool weekend. The Book highly recomends a session at 'The Ranch' to all pickers!

Well that gets us pretty well up to date. I will be flying back to Ohio for another session at Jorma's and then finishing up the Mid-West tour. Looking forward to the Mid-South leg of the tour especially my week at THE NATIONAL STORYTELLING CENTER.

Gibson Guitars may have the protoypes of THE BOOK BINDER SPECIAL at the Texas Guitar Show in Dallas this October! Pretty exciting for The Book...will keep you informed.

By For Now,