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Book Reports

Oct 10

The National Storytelling Festival

Just on my way out of Tennessee. THE NATIONAL STORYTELLING FESTIVAL, was a most incredible experience...I cannot describe what goes on there very well, but it is the most magical place on earth. I heard all kinds of stories by all kinds of people that truly affected my outlook on this journey we call life.

Imagine 4 huge circus tents overflowing with folks who travelled from all over the country, to laugh, to cry and to share in the joys and sorrows of the human condition. Master Storytellers from all over the country and from foreign lands, wove their magic for 3 days in Tennessee's oldest town, Jonesborough and I was surely proud to be a participant.

Each time I took the stage, it was like taking a 'magic carpet ride'. The audiences laughter and applause had me digging way back to places I had not been for many years and the joy of re-discovering my own past cannot be put into words. 'The Magic' was there and I thanked the crowds for allowing me to have such an opportunity. Without them, I'm just 'Old Roy'.

What happens in Jonesborough is like nothing I have ever experienced. I know that what the audience gave me was in my heart more than I gave them. But I am sure we all departed better for the visit. None of this could have happened at all if not for the hard work of those special people at the International Storytelling Center and the National Storytelling Network. Thirty Four years ago, 60 people gathered by the court house to hear local storytellers pass on the legend and lore of the nearbye mountains and now crowds of over 10,000 make their way to Jonesborough for the Festival! So many people work so hard to make this event work, Sound Engineers, program coordinators, local busineses, and of course so many volunteers. It is all quite amazing...

Do check them out at and and have a look and a will be well worth your time. Who doesn't like a good story??

When asked by some of the folks there how I enjoyed myself, I said, "If heaven's better then this, I'm gonna change my lowdown ways"....

Bye For Now

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