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Book Reports

Jan 25

The West Coast Tour is On!

THE WEST COAST TOUR IS ON! Starting in North Florida Memorial day, Nancy and I will be driving West...So far Crockett Texas is the first stop...looking for gigs in North Texas in early June and then we should be heading towards New Mexico, Arizona and California. Looks like The Bay area by 23 June and The Safeway Blues Festival in Portland on July 2nd. Across the top after Seatle with a stop in Bozeman, Montana at The Gibson factory on our way to Marquette Michigan's Hiawatha Folk Music Festival. Looking to fill in dates....if you want to see me in your area, contact local venues and festivals or pass the info to us here at PEGleg records........Thanks, BFN


To All My Friends and Fans..

Back from New York! The Flight to Pittsburgh was fine....The cold was a shock that I may never get over! Had a nice visit with Steve, Jack and Steve at ACOUSTIC MUSIC WORKS...Played a real nice LOO from about 1937, had a great breakfast and headed to the hotel. Preston Poe (my film maker) joined me on the trip so it has been well documented...Ernie Hawkins and his wife met us for dinner and sound checks.

I borrowed a guitar from Ernie for the show. So cool to fly without a guitar! Didn't expect a 1937 J-35 Gibson, but was delighted to play such a fine instrument. We had over 500 people at the show, thanks to all at the Calliope Folk Music Society. It was the biggest Blues Show they had put on since John Hammond! The hall was beautiful, the sound was fantastic and a 'large time' was had by all. Ernie did a short mostly instrumental set and was really somthing! He is no doubt the best Gary Davis style player there is!

Next morning we were on the train headed East to NY at 10am! What a cool way to travel...Back in 1967, The Rev. and I took the same train from NY to Chicago on our first adventure together...Ten hours on the train flew by as we talked and shared our memories of The Rev..

On the day before the Merkin Hall concert, Preston and I drove out to Rev. Davis' home in Jamaica, I hadn't been there for may years and we filmed a short bit in the freezing cold, as I relived my first visit there. Then off to the South Bronx to Woodycrest, The "orphanage" that I lived in back in the 60's. Working there was an important part of my life and memories flooded back to me. Rev. Davis used to say, "you should bring me there to put the fear of the Lord in those boys"! At the time, I felt that they really didn't need I wish that I had...

The Rev. Davis tribute concert was cool...Sound checks were over in a hurry and then Vanessa and Jorma took us all out for dinner before the show. Lots of old friends, 'ranchers' and fans filled the Merkin Hall.

I was glad to open up the show and kick it off. After a short interview, I did my 20 minute spot including the short version of Candyman, It's Gonna Be Alright Someday, Let Us Get Together, and The Preacher Picked The Guitar. Got a few laughs and a few tears...and that was all I could have hoped for. Brandon followed with his 20 minutes and then there was an intermission. Visited with the enthusiastic fans, friends and students in the lobby before Ernie opened up the second half of the show, again with some great Rev. Davis instrumentals...Jorma and Barry followed with a fantastic 40 minute set that really was a great finale to a very special night!

Before we knew it, The show was over and we were back in our hotel. The room was so small that I wondered how they ever got the bed in it! But it sure was nice to spend the night in the city and think about all that went down that day....Thank you Rev. Davis, for bringing us all together once again!

Had a nice visit with family. Papa Sid's 90th birthday dinner was great, My Mom is next, she turns 90 in June! Where does the time go? 'The Nephew' Adam can now play St. Louis Tickle and The Maple Leaf Rag on the guitar! I remember teaching him his first chord...I am a proud Uncle!

I can't say that Nancy and I are not delighted to be back in Florida...overcoats, gloves and scarfs back in the closet and breakfast 'in the garden'.....We are so thankful for the life we have...

So, thats that...Looking forward to Paul Geremia's Florida tour, we expect him in a few days...check him out on RED HOUSE RECORDS, he is one of the best and one of my oldest friends. You folks up North stay warm, and we'll see ya in the Spring! BFN

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