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Book Reports

Jan 17

The Winter Season

One month into "The Winter Season" down here in Old St.Pete. Holidays behind us now and We are settling into life at home. Not bad, during the coldest weather we had, an actual freeze, we were on a five day cruise to Mexico. Nice way to spend New Years Eve for sure! Hit some rough seas, but it didn't bother us a bit!

Sad to say The Storytelling Cruise for July was cancelled. So, I decided to get started on booking a cross country tour and it's going pretty well. Dates booked in Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Tuscon, and Los Angeles so far. Should make it up to The Bay area by the last week of June and then start back East thru Reno, Salt Lake and Denver. If you have any show or workshop possibilities on that route, let me know and we'll try to work it out.

Looks like I will be filming a DVD for STEFAN GROSSMAN'S GUITAR WORKSHOP in May. This DVD will be part of THE GUITAR ARTISTRY series which includes, Paul Geremia, Rory Block and Ernie Hawkins. It will not be an instructional or concert, probably be some tunes and an interview. Do check out Paul's, it's fantastic!

Also excited to report that Preston Poe, who has been working on BOOK-THE MOVIE, for years, has begun editing the many hours of film he has compiled. We may just have The Movie out on PEG LEG later this year!

Next week is The Orlando Vintage Guitar Show. I always look forward to seeing my guitar pals from all over the country at that event. Might bring my '64 Epiphone 12 string and my '34 Washburn to sell. Never know what might come home with me either and that's all part of the excitement. It will be nice to get 'the old bus' out on the road for the weekend too.

Getting ready to jump in our new portable blow up Jacuzzi, so I have to say..."I love this country!"

Bye For Now

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