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Book Reports

Jan 17

Warmest January

Been enjoying the warmest January down here that we can remember. Nancy doing well at work, enjoying her 'little rascals' at school! I seem to enjoy every Winter at home more then the one before...

Been looking for a 'bus replacement' on the Internet. Need to find a low millage 2002-2003 Xplorer like I have. Just missed one with 1400 miles on it by a day...that was unbelievable. The bus now has 130,000 mile on it. If I don't find what I'm looking for, I am prepared to take her out for another season, she's in good shape and the most perfect little van camper I ever had.

Went into the studio last week and played guitar on a few cuts for my Norwegian 'harp' playing Pal, Spanky...who has been visiting for a few weeks. He heads home today to 'the frozen North'.

The tour is shaping up for 2007. Got the UK all booked up for a 2 week run in September. Haven't been over there for about 4 years! The highlights for the upcoming season include, three sessions at The Fur Peace Ranch, The Arkansas Blues & Heritage Festival, Merlefest and The Suwannee Springfest down here in Florida.

Looking forward to seeing my Pals, Paul Geremia and Patrick Sweany, both who will be down for some gigs in the near future. Too bad I'm working in Lakeland the night Pat is playing in Tampa.

My favorite guitar this week is my old Recording King Jumbo made by Gibson for Montgomery Ward's dept. store in 1939. Just might be the one I take on the road this Spring! I keep changing my mind...Next weekend is the big Orlando Vintage Guitar show...looking forward to seeing all my 'dealer' friends from around the country and to taking 'the bus' out for a few days. Not planning on selling or buying anything, but you never can, untill next time....

Bye for Now,