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Book Reports

Aug 09

Where is the Summer Going?

Where is the Summer going? Since I last wrote, we have finished up a few dates in NC, and a week in Jonesborough, TN, at The National Storytelling Center. That was very cool. A week living in 'The Storytelling Cottage', a 5 minute walk from the Center, where I did an hour show every day to enthusiastic audiences from all over the country. The theater seats only a 100 but it is a beautiful venue with great sound and ambiance.

Local restaurants and coffee shops opened their doors to us and made us feel like locals. Very nice...We had access to the swimming pool and Jacuzzi at the new motel and really enjoyed our evening swims. Nancy enjoyed stretching out in the cottage and if Mama is happy....

Stopped in at The Down Home' in Johnson City and visited with the gang there. Hard to believe that they have been a music room for 33 years! Seems like yesterday that I first played there. We regretfully had to hit the road before Bill Joe Shaver took the stage. He is one of my favorite entertainers.

We made our way North to Cleveland and visited with our Pals there before flying home for a week in St. Petersburg. Nice to get home and see out house. While we were gone we had the cottage painted and our patio area made into a courtyard with pavers and such. Sitting in our 'yard' felt like we were in New Orleans or at a Caribbean resort! All the plumeria's and elephant ears etc. were in full bloom and it did look like a tropical paradise. We both grinned all week long. Thanks to our friend Bruno for all his hard work.

I was happy to drive 'The Bug' around town, what a treat to have air conditioning in a VW convertible. And was it hot....boy howdy! Maureen got home from her travels a few days after we did. We were so glad to see her again! Hard to believe we were all away from St. Pete for so long.

Flew back to Cleveland to pick up 'the bus' and start East. Busy times coming up before the trip to the UK. Especially looking forward to my week end at The Fur Peace Ranch at the end of the month.

So farewell for now, hope to see you on the road.


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