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Book Reports

Feb 02

Winter in Florida

Life rolling along as usual. We are well, hope you all are too. Winter in Florida is a real good deal. Had to put the heat on a few nights, but we can't complain. The weather has been very mild and we have enjoyed morning coffees on the patio and walks around the town lake.

Just back from the Orlando Vintage Guitar Show. Had a fun time with all 'the dealers' and friends who stopped by. Seems like great guitars of the 1930's are getting real scarse! There was only one guitar that interested me. It was a 1933 WASHBURN, which was their version of the MARTIN 0M-18. So, it's a 14 fret, long scale 15" body with a good sized deep V neck. The guitar is virtually unplayed and is light as a feather. A real boomer! Will put a photo up on the website as soon as Nancy shows me how to do so.

The 2006 tour is shaping up nicely. We will be heading West in late June with stops in Kansas, Oklahoma and Colorado. Looks like we will arrive in California by June 12th.

If anyone wants to get involved and help promote a show/workshop, I will be driving East from Seatle by August 9th. Not much happening in Montana, and the Dakotas. Might do Wyoming, Nebraska, Iowa. The tour will go where the work is, it always has a life of it's own and I just go along with it.

Leave for Italy next week. Flying over for a long Americana Weekend gig in Ponte Caffaro in The Alps. Should be fun with Ernie Hawkins, Happy Traum, Jay Unger and others.

By For Now,

The Book PS. Photos of 1946 Martin 00021 Brazillian Rosewood guitar now on photo page. Asking $5500. Vintage guitars considered in trade........