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Mar 07

Thanks.... Dave Van Ronk

Thanks.... Dave Van Ronk

Just got some more bad news. DAVE VAN gone. It is so hard to believe that 'the Gods' are falling...John Hartford, Rock Bottom, John Jackson and now Dave. They were all such a big part in my life and my music. 

I remember hearing Dave's record, Just Dave Van Ronk back in 1965 at a 'beat' party in Providence. It changed the way I looked and listened to music forever. When he performed at Pembroke University that Fall, I went back stage and we chatted....told him I was going to be a 'Bluesman'. A year later I opened up a show for him at THE GASLIGHT in Greenwich Village. I asked if he remembered me. He said, " Yes and I see you did it!" 

It was an honor and a privelage to become friends with Dave, to share a stage, a drink, and a late night talk about who's who and what's what in his 'Village Pad'. Dave Van Ronk was THE GODFATHER of all of us who came up after him. He paved the way and he believed in us.. Thanks Dave, for everything............. 

When I planned to move into a motorhome and live on the road full time, back in 1976, I went over to Dave's to discuss my plans. He looked over the floor plan in the broshure, specs on the end of his nose and growled,"you're going to give up your pad on King St.! for this? I give it 6 months! And I remember 15 years later having a cocktail in 'the bus' after a gig in California. Van Ronk finally agreeing that it wasn't such a bad choice I had made..... 

-Roy Book Binder, from his website