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Here are some of my favorite links.

Adelphi Records

Check them out for some great Blues!

Best of 2005 WPRB radio NJ

Cool radio show in NJ. John Weingart picks "the Book" for top 12 cds of the year!!

Blues Matters

UK Online Blues Magazine-pretty cool

Catfish Keith

I knew him when he was a kid! Now he?s one of the most unique and dynamic bluesmen on the scene.

D'addario Strings

The best, I use 80/20 bronze light guage on my vintage Gibson's. I love'm and have for over 25 years! Try'm, You'll like'm! Guaranteed!

EGG the arts show

Check out my PBS Emmy award winning TV segment. Watch for re-runs. This is a Nationwide series!

Ernie Hawkins

A real deciple of The Rev. Gary Davis! Great to see live or to study with...A real cool cat...

Homespun Tapes

No longer must you sell your soul to the devil. The best instructional tapes - ukuleles, guitar, banjo, harmonica, piano - you name it, they got it!

Jet City Guitars

Very cool guitars only. Check them out!

Jorma Kaukonen's Fur Peace Ranch Guitar Camp

This is the place! I've taught guitar at many 'blues schools', but Jorma Kaukonen's ranch is more fun than 'a duck'. Hang out with your favorite players, formal classes, gourmet meals, nice cabins and beautiful views!

Kummer's Vintage Instruments

Florida's home for cool vintage guitars....always lots of National Steel instruments and other cool stuff too...check them out!

Liz Pennock & Dr Blues

A fantastic piano and guitar duo. Two of my best pals and they do it with only 16 fingers. Check them out.


No other festival, including blues festivals, has presented as many great acoustic blues guys and gals consistently for over five years. ?Book? is the host.

Michael Messer

The king of the UK National Guitar slide wizards. Along with Johnny Cash, I?m proud to be a fan!

My Collapsible Guitar

The Outdoor Guitar, made by Lukas Brunner...I now fly without fear! This Swiss Luthier has solved "the problem". Goes together with a snap and is in tune! 5 seconds to assemble or disassemble. Comes with cool hardshell case. Unbelievable but true! The first travel guitar wth a 'BIG' sound! This instrument has changed my life! Make sure you tell Lukas where you heard about his guitar!

Patrick Sweany

Check him out! Patricks' Dad gave me his cd at a show a while back...He is the future of the music we love!...all originals, great guitar, cool voice...he's really got it all..

Paul Geremia

12 string, 6 string, harmonica, songwriter, bottleneck playing bluesman - he does it all and has led the way since the 60's.

Preston Poe

Preston has been working on a FILM about ME for a few years now. He has been visiting with some of my associates on the road and has some very cool footage. We expect the film to be released early next year! Take a look at what he is about. Pretty interesting fellow..

Radio Tones

National Guitar Slidin' alternative Blues band. Mates from Scotland.

Reverend Gary Davis

This is my favorite site for the great Rev. Gary Davis. If not for meeting him back in the 60's, I today might have been a retired school teacher!! Go meet him and enjoy the experience.

Rock Bottom

Best damn harp player in the world!

Roger Hubbard

Back in the Winter of 1970 in London, Nick Perls of Blue Goose Records recorded Roger Hubbard in Joann Kelly's living room! Roger, using my 1969 Martin SOM 28 played some of the best music I had ever heard. Last year at THE BLUE GOOSE FESTIVAL in Stamford, England, I had the chance to meet Mr. Hubbard again. He has grown into a real writer and his singing and playing skills are still miles ahead of most! Check him out.

Stefan Grossman's Guitar Workshop

Great selection of guitar playing DVDs...concerts, lessons and vintage footage of the early masters!. Stefan, a brilliant player himself was a pioneer in this field and I highly recommend all his products. He first recorded me for Kicking Mule Records 40 years ago!

Weenie Campbell

This is one interesting Country Blues site!! Listen to Juke Radio all day long, talk with like minded people about pre-war blues and guitars, and read about cool stuff. It is amazing!!


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