Book Report July 28, 2023

Book Report July 28, 2023

Book Report July 28, 2023

July 2023

Howdy Folks! Report from home again ….July started out pretty good, I got back on the road after being home for hernia surgery in mid June ….. all went pretty well and the Dr said I could hit the road again….. first week out was a nice, easy trip heading North…… our Guitar Workshop up by “The Cape” was fantastic …despite my afternoon at the ER in Connecticut the day before ….. I had a problem “ passing water”…. And was fitted with a catheter…. Not pleasant ……

The workshop was , great, despite my situation….. I was plugged in and self contained in my air conditioned “tour bus”…. The Guys were enthusiastic and eager to continue learning “ Licks & Tricks” that make up “my guitar style” and they had plenty of questions about various ways my playing developed the way it did. Stories & Songs filled the morning & afternoon sessions and Friday evening I put on a mini concert on the patio for the host family’s, friends & neighbors ….. I believe I enjoyed it as much as they did! Eric & Meg are the perfect hosts and I throughly enjoyed and thank them for all they did to make it possible! I was especially lucky to have only slight discomfort with my situation during the workshop weekend.

There’s already talk about our third workshop in 2024!

Visit with Jack, Janet & Pau G, was super! Paul was in good spirits and the visit with him one afternoon was a highlight… his old friend Tony from Fall River brought him a Portuguese Seafood feast he cooked up with fresh clams and what not, from the local waters… and Paul was in heaven.

Did the annual “Jacks Backyard Show” and my regular, Bull Run Show in Shirley MA. Great super Lobster Roll Dinner and audience full of old friends & fans there ….

Finally made the decision to cancel or postpone late July & August shows and head home to Nancy and get my health situation sorted out ……. Hopefully I’ll be back on the road before long!

Best To All, “The Book”