Dear Friends and Fans, Hope all of you made with thru The Storm...I know it's not over, but I believe that we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. Nancy and I are doing ok. We haven't spent this much time together in the past 22 years of marriage! Thankfully all is good at home,  and "we still like each other!".... We are so lucky that we found each other back in the late 90's and it is hard to believe of all the adventures we have shared. Both of us are excitingly looking forward to whatever comes next as we continue our journey into the future.

I got my second vaccine on Feb 19th! a little sore on the arm but otherwise feeling pretty good. Getting "Road Ready"....Thank goodness, My young wife Nancy will be eligible for the vacine at the end of the this month and that too will be a great relief. We only hope that it won't be too long before the pandemic will be totally under control and we all can continue on our way.

Lots of work on "The New Bus" This year. The Sprinter will be 8 years old in June, pretty hard to believe.Had to replace my Onan generator in December, New sinks in the kitchen & bathroom in Ferbruary, Struts and shocks, front end alignment, computer updates, etc, etc. The tour is looking like it will happen, East Coast May -June, and Middle States September -October. with a few Texas dates and hopefully New Orleans in November. My first show in over a year will be at Fogartyville in Sarasota, March 6th...... limited outdoor seating for that one..... Fantastic venue, keeping the music alive for years....

Facebook led me to an Amish company in Indiana, that developed a process to convert the fridge to run on 12 volt electricity by replacing the propane cooling unit with a small 12 volt low draw compressor.  After six months off the road due to the Covid, I didn't hesitate to pack the bus and start for Shipshewana IN. I knew that my only stops would be for fuel and sleeping at Flying J Truckstops. Being on the road in The Bus, was a good way to sort of be in "lockdown". Fully self contained. It so happens that the RV Industry has done very well during The Pandemic! Three days later, my fridge was removed, I was plugged in behind the shop surrounded by farm country with horses grazing outside my side door! Lot's of horses and buggies in this part of the country. Next day fridge reinstalled and I was on my way! I have been more than delighted with the work of JC Refrigeration!

Springtime in the midwest weather was perfect. My next stop was a "socially distant" visit with my Buddy Tony Klassen at New Era Guitars. We sat on his deck and caught up some and he did some tweaking on my Roy Book Binder Recording Tone Special. Heading East I had arranged to meet my Pal, Bluesman, Todd Albright at The Flying J Truckstop, outside of Toledo. He arrived in the morning, and we sat outside The Bus and enjoyed endless cups of coffee as we discussed the predicament of all 'touring musicians' and the unbelievable politics of the day.....

Continuing East, I visited with my good friends Bob & Rachel Carlin, in North Carolina. Socially distancing out in their front yard, we drank coffee and pondered the worlds situation and how we all are dealing with it. Rachel has been busy in her studio with her pottery work although obtaining the clay she prefers has become difficult to obtain. Bob & I share the passion for vintage guitars and the love of baseball. we first met at Summer Camp in 1968! You have to get his book, Regal Musical Instruments, 1895-1955.... I love this Book!

The road trip was fantastic.....

This Winter, SevenC Music opened, about a mile from where I live! do check them out! ( ) Good folks, good luthier , a nice place to visit, have repairs done, take part in an open mike, or a song writer workshop. They have a fine selection of quality guitars for beginners as well as for seasoned professionals! This is what we have needed down here for years! I had a few loose braces reglued on my New Era Roy BB Special a few weeks ago! Hunter knows what he's doing!

I will try to update these "Book Reports", as there is more news to report! Stay positive, the future looks bright and keep"Pickin' and Grinning"

"It's Gonna Be Alright Someday",