Singer Songwriter Bluesman

$ 15.00 

Released October 15th 2001 Order your copy now! Here it is! At last! Roy Book Binder's first CD featuring all his own songs. Just Roy with his 1938 Gibson Nick Lucas Special, his 1938 Washburn Solo Deluxe and his 1939 Gibson Recording King. "The Book," who has been recognized throughout the world as one of the finest interpreters of traditional blues, now joins that tradition with this collection of all originals. Hear the music that tells the stories of this American legend, who has for the past 35 years traveled the world, as a "keeper of the flame" and an ambassador of the blues.

It's Gonna Be Alright Someday ((2:39))
The Preacher Picked The Guitar ((3:14))
St. Pete Blues (4:28)
Anywhere You Go (3:22)
Travelin' Man Blues (4:21)
Can't Do That No More (3:28)
She Did You A Favor (4:31)
New Age Woman Blues (2:33)
Goin' Back To Tampa (3:07)
Trouble In The Streets (3:17)
While He Served His Time (2:56)
Blind Lemon (3:36)
I'm Goin' Home Someday (3:36)
Palm Trees Shakin' In The Night (2:54)

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