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Bob Claypool

The Houston Post Thursday, Oct. 15, 1981

Roy Book Binder snuck in the back door. Truth to tell, nobody this side of, maybe Riders in the Sky, came to town with less hoopla and delivered more...more music more warmth, more love (yes call it just that, like it really is!) ...Plays finger-pickin' guitar and oh-so good bottleneck, and sings like a wizard.

...Book Binder told a story-a story mind you, between songs-about his first meeting with Pink Anderson, that said more about the blues than most blues-rockers can communicate in a lifetime.

...And throughout, he picked brilliant but unshowy guitar and sang like an old veteran from Clarksdale, just hugging and loving the blues and communicating it to all of us with the grace and sensitivity of a bird on the wing.

It was something to see, all that fingerpicking and burr-throated singing. It made you believe that this, most ancient of American blues styles, was not just being recreated by Book Binder-no, indeed, this man lived those cotton-patch, dusty road, way down home blues. How he managed to do it is his own business, but, unlike most white country bluesmen, he shimmered and shone like the real goods.

- Bob Claypool (Houston Post)